It's a new day and age!

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Today, marketing has changed but in many ways stayed the same...

Our society has entered into a new and complex era where people search for information from multiple devices and across various channels. This is disrupting industries, organizations and rewriting the way businesses have traditionally done marketing.

To stay in front of your target audience, stay ahead of the competition and get a good return on your marketing investment, brands need to think digitally. Our Digital Marketing Services will help you anticipate and adapt to these trends, preparing your organization for success in this new digital frontier.


PPC Advertising

Get the most bang from your buck!

Paid searches can be the best way to quickly drive traffic to your website and build brand awareness on a small budget. Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is a search engine marketing strategy that puts targeted ads in front of prospective customers on a cost or pay per click basis. When someone types a keyword into a search engine like Google or Bing, your ads will show up near the top of the search engine results. With PPC, you pay a set fee only when your listing is clicked on by someone surfing the web.

Types of PPC Campaigns

There are several types of PPC campaigns and it is important to know how they work and what they can do for you.  In the example below we did a search in Google for "Master Replica Lightsabers" and got these results:  

PPC Examples Google Master Replica Lightsaber.PNG


Text Ad Campaigns:

This form of PPC advertising includes a "title", "link to your website or promotion area", and ad copy.

Product Listing Ad Campaigns (PLAs): 

These are Ad's in which your products or services, along with their prices, appear in the sponsored results section of search engines. PLAs are ideal for e-commerce websites.

Product Listing Ad

Banner Ad Campaigns:  

Banner Ads or display Ad Campaigns are pay-per-click or impression based. They appear in websites in the same way text ads do.  Most people don't even realize that they are clicking on paid or sponsored ad.

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Video Ad Campaigns: 

Video Ads use Adwords technology to place advertising in YouTube and video sites.


Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website or get followers behind a cause contact us today and lets get your Pay Per Click campaign started!

Social Media Advertising

Connect With Your Customers in their spaces!

Social media has transformed the world and brought family and friends together, built professional networks and has served as a way as a modern day meeting hall. From a business standpoint, social media offers impressive opportunities to connect and engage with customers or get your message out to potential followers.  

The tricky part is knowing how to use social media to your advantage because people can be sensitive and there are various cultural perspectives to consider. You can’t be overly obvious or pushy, but you can’t be too passive either... Engaging and appealing content is what generates interest. 

When Süvii sets up a social media campaign, we create client profiles in all the major networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. But whatever the platform, we can create and maintaining a presence for you that can bring in business.  We'll employ a writing team to create posts that command the attention of readers and respond to questions and comments, engage with fans, moderate discussions and keep an eye out for spam.

Depending on your campaign we can launch an intensive PPC campaign on a social media platform like Facebook to gain followers and likes at a rapid rate or we can build a social media campaign gradually.  But regardless of your specific needs or goals we'll track your campaigns and send you monthly reports so you can see how well we’re doing.

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