The idea of Süvii solidified itself from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis: A revelation was had, and the philosophy and driving force behind Süvii was started...

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Süvii is a multicultural marketing boutique with a passion for visual storytelling. We are focused on providing attractive, sophisticated and intuitive services that drive people to your business or cause. 

We help our clients reach new audiences, maintain customer relationships, and create operational efficiencies that build their brands and ultimately their ROI.

Our Name


The name Süvii has German inspiration.  In the year 2000 Süvii's founder left the US to study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany and during that time he gained new perspectives from Germans, refugees from the former Yugoslavia and many others. He also gained a new understanding and appreciation for human history, the commonalities we share as a species and began to assess his journey in life...

While Süvii's name was being conceived, thoughts of new friends, new perspectives and perfect summer days in Heidelberg Germany were in mind...   


Our Heart

The heart of Süvii has wings...  Our original business model provided business management and digital marketing solutions to companies within the aviation industry.  

In good economic times or bad, companies in the aviation industry routinely operate under high risks and narrow profit margins due to fluctuating fuel cost, regulatory issues, environmental fears and numerous other threats...  

Today we work with all businesses with a special focus on nonprofit organizations, small businesses and companies in the aviation and aerospace industries. Our goal is to create intuitive and impactful marketing campaigns and digital content that help organizations reach markets that are both established and emerging. 

Our Values

Integrity | Quality | Courage | Sophistication


“Integrity, diversity, social responsibility and profit are not mutually exclusive segments, but can go hand and hand with commercial success and organizational sustainability”.

David Raglin
Managing Director, Süvii